Work methods & texts CV Contact Exhibition views Performances Studio Page overview 'PREPROCESSING' - 2010 Installation 'UNLOCKED 7' - 2010 - inspired on the performance '3X30' Performance '3X30' - 2010 Performance ‘PREPROCESSING’, 2010 I.C.W Club Moral, Antwerp, BE Mikes Poppe, Meggy Rustamova and Nel Bonte present performances inspired by the works of Danny Devos. The Club Moral rvstd performance night opened while Nel Bonte was already standing above the entrance of the building. At intervals triggered by a timer, a shower switched on and off over her head. Videostill ‘3X30’, 2010, Oostduinkerke, BE The suggestion of a mystical, unclear reality was the starting point in this project for Nel Bonte. The sculpture had to be estranging and the viewer needed to feel estranged. In different installations she thought of precise, visually correct integrations of the figures into the surroundings. Throughout this search she wanted to create a stilled and estranged atmosphere. The faces and mimics were removed from the figures on purpose. They were realised in a monochrome white and all exhibit the same expectant posture. (ref. performance, 90 min standing posture in the sea) As viewer we can only note a mute, imaginary battle between the figures. Do they have something in common or not, or did they have something in common in the past? Nel Bonte balances between her distant, perceptive atmosphere and a metaphysical suggestive reality about which we, as viewer, can only guess.