ref. ‘D.I.S.P.E.N.S.E.R.’ ‘D.I.S.P.E.N.S.E.R.’ is inspired by the toilet roll dispenser found in every rest room of undefined, distant, non-homey spaces like the gas station by the highway. Nel often finds herself in this no man’s land and became aware of the different shapes of dispensers. She wants to give this meaningless object a new shape and reason of being. The object is stripped of its clean, industrial idiom and built up out of several hand-soaked, transparently pigmented layers of toilet paper. The magnification of the object, which helps shape this newly autonomous sculpture, is confronting for the spectator. Determining the magnification ratio in the physical space is crucial for Nel and essential for the choice of the materials for the sculpture. Because of this, a fundamental relation arises between the body of the spectator and the visual work that, in this case, incites our collective memory of… the toilet roll dispenser!  ref. ‘P.I.N.’ 'P.I.N.' in an enlarged part of a historical firehose. The installation consists of five different parts that fit into each other through a clicking system, all wrapped in textile and tensely tightened with sewing thread. On the one hand, the packing refers both to the history of the hose, staying packed and stored. On the other hand, the fragile materials refer to bandages that are used to treat burns. The modules, each presented in a different way on a wooden construction, appear to be stocked in a laboratory. The lines marked on the ground help to visualise the delineated industrial lab space. Organic and geometric shapes are juxtaposed with each other; the stark and clean nature of the support contrasts with the fragile appearance of the pact sculpture. The grip of the hose is not covered and as such shows its original shape. The shiny and unpolished skin of the grip are made to contrast with the original metal of the hose. next page > < preview page Work methods & texts CV Contact Exhibition views Performances Studio Page overview ref. ‘SEASONS IN THE SUN’ ‘SEASONS IN THE SUN’ is an assemblage of an existing sculpture combined with new sculptural elements. The small space that is not physically accessible makes my installation feel almost like a nostalgic still life, evoking the idea of a postcard effect. ‘SEASONS IN THE SUN’ is a narrative sculpture that approaches the reality of a personal memory from a different perspective. I have used scenography with the intention of retaining that idealised image, namely a look back at a sunny summer’s day with a succession of positive and negative events. The good things are hiding in the shadow of the bad. My aim is to create a recognisable situation for the viewer, which everyone can associate with meanings of their own.   By using different materials and a varied, symbolic palette of colours, a clear distinction arises between transitory and enduring, organic and geometric, hate and love, monochrome and polychrome. The play on relationships of scale and the dialogue between surface and dimensions generate curiosity about the spatiality of the installation. A clear question arises between the viewer and the relationship of the installation to the space.