Work methods & texts CV Contact Exhibition views Performances Studio Page overview ref. ‘FINIMO’ The 'FINIMO' sculpture is a deeper exploration of the concepts of moving and temporary living spaces. These are subjects that intrigue me strongly at the moment, partly because of my personal reality and partly because of my personal vision on a broader social framework. The wheels I integrated into the installation refer to the mobile life. The triangular, pointy appendage  anchors itself into the support. ref. ‘B.U.Y.O.R.E.N.T.’ “Real estate Belgium, buy or rent property”. “BUYORENT” resembles a large gallows, from which hangs a “for sale” sign for a cardboard house on wheels. A trailer, always movable but never fixed in place. The installation expresses anxiety about the future, though I have approached this heavy subject with a touch of humour. ref. ‘MUZZI’ The placement of sculptures in different rooms accents their mobile nature, their inability to anchor. A recognisable environment – an empty underground car park – brings to mind the Colruyt supermarkets*, and juxtaposes buying a place to live with cheap and easy shopping. I take existing objects from my immediate environment and de- and reconstruct them into a personal object. The box – a familiar object – has been provided with a small appendage: a chimney. It gives the sculpture an extra meaning and add a humorous layer. *Colruyt is a Belgian supermarket chain which guarantees the lowest prices, and cuts costs, among other methods, by keeping their store decoration minimal. Concrete floors with lines such as these are part of the Colruyt shopping experience. <preview page